XX village is located in the middle of the mountains in XXcounty, XX prefecture.
This time we investigate the strange disturbances in XX village.

First of all,"33 Murdered, XX Village".
The 33 murders took place in a small village during the war.
We will take you back to that time.
One disturbed young man, carrying a Japanese sword and several guns,
slaughtered the 33 villagers one by one.
The village was completely annihilated in only one night.
After that night the village became a ghost town and completely
disappeared during a landslide in 1976.
No longer can you find the village on any map.
XXvillage was merged with the neighbouring village, Hanuda.
From then on the existance of XX village was hushed up. Or so we thought.

This ghastly night was never completely wiped from peoples memories.
Over the last couple of years a rumour has been circulating that XX village still exists.

Let us introduce you to the rumours about the curse of "33 Murdered, XX Village".

Testimony 1: The village still exists in the mountains of XX county and blood stained clothes can be found in the abandoned houses.
Testimony 2: One old woman, on all fours, can be found in the village devouring something .
Testimony 3: I f you enter the village you will lose your mind and pass out, due to the hatred of the dead villagers.
Testimony 4: Young people, in search of the ghost village, have gone missing, never to be seen again.

These rumours are circulated on the imternet have have attracted the attention of a lot of people.

<The Kasutori Inquirer "33 Murdered, XX Village">

Did the "33 Murdered, XX Village" really happen ?
Investigating the mystery, I called Hanuda town hall. Here is their answer...

"We don't have any official record of such happenings."

But is all this just rumour?

Before we conclude our investigation, lets go back to Hanuda village.
Hanuda village was the hiding place of a religious cult that was persecuted in the past.
There is another theory that XX Village" is actually part of Hanuda village.

At this point, let us review the rumours associated with Hanuda village.

・The persecution of the religeous cult.
・Hanuda village and XX village are mysteriously limked in the depths of history.
・Hanuda village has strange customs and traditions that are not found anywhere else.
・People describe the village as a place between two worlds, where you can be spirited away. There are many reports of missing people.
・This village, from time to time, is the centre of naturaldisasters on an enormous scale.

I have concluded that behind all of these rumours, it is actually the land that is to blame for all these happenings.
Then I decided to visit Hanuda village to unveil the darkness deep within this part of Japan.

It was my first visit and I thought it would be easy to get there.
All I had to do was find XX county on the map and find XX village in the middle of the mountains.
It took an hour and a half by car from the nearest train station.
As expected, I could get to Hanuda village.

But the village had sustained a lot of damage from a landslide caused during an earthquake.
The villagers were occupied rebuilding the village with dark expressions on their faces.
They appeared to me without life, the walking dead.

Here is a map I found on the internet、this is a map to XX village.
My investigation started by following this undetailed map.

<Map to XX village from an occult website>

I took route 333 up the mountain by car.
When the road narrowed down, I left my car and walked the rest of the way.

I found the wooden sign, which is on the map.

I was excited to finally reach the village and step into this mysterious place.
But, that excitement soon faded because...
I couldn't go any further, the road had probably been swept away by a landslide.
When I gave up and started to return to my car I saw the roof of an abandoned house.
I made my way through the undergrowth and trees and came upon this abandoned house.

Were those the ruins of a house that belonged to XX village?

After checking out the abandoned house,
I returned to the village to see if I could find the church.
But it was a waste of time, as the church had completely disappeared.

I managed to hear about one more rumour!

A girl, who may be a local junior high school student, told me this.
In the morning, the ghost of a boy appears in the fog since the landslide.
She doesn't know why but that boy carries a Japanese sword and guns.
So is the person who committed those 33 murders in XX village?
What does this new rumur mean?

In the end,, I only managed to get one piece of information from the village. I didn't manage to investigate the other rumours...
However, I believe that I experienced something that started the rumours about Hanuda village in the first place.